Magento extensions and templates, why they are the king?

magento extensions

If you intend to build an online store, then you search the keyword Ecommerce platform on Google, there will be a lot of results returned. Nevertheless, not all of them are popular and preferred. In this article, we will give you 5 most famous open sources in the world along ...

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5 must-know online marketing trends for second half of 2016

must know marketing trends

Nowadays, burying your head in the sand is the fastest way to destroy your business because consumers no longer approach your product by entering store or searching through a heavy computer. Instead, they tend to use more other smart devices, platforms and social media channels, all of these channels will ...

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The 7 Reasons of a Failed Ecommerce Website


Build an ecommerce website will help you to open the door of ecommerce market; it is a prerequisite before doing business online. But having a website is not enough to be successful in ecommerce; you need to have a good website which will help to boost your business. In order ...

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Combo Extension to Fight With Abandonment Rate


If you are an online store owner, surely that you have heard about the word ‘abandonment rate’. This is a very common concept with every business. According to Wikipedia, the abandonment rate is the ratio of the number of abandoned shopping carts to the number of initiated transactions or to ...

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Why Social Login Is Useful For Ecommerce Store?


The number of internet users who have account on social networks is increasing quickly; no doubt to say that social network now is an important part of internet world. Social networks today have a major role and a great influence to many aspects of human life, as well as online ...

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Consider when following these four web design trends in 2016


Even when you are not an expert in web design industry, you  still can recognize a undeniable fact that the world of web trends is a actually fast paced one, seems to be the same as fashion trend. However, there are still some design trends that can stay quite a ...

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How Magento One Step Checkout can improve your checkout


While the problems in checkout process are marked as the biggest reasons that make customers abandon their cart, how online businesses can create a good checkout process for their store in order to improve conversions? In this today’s article, we will talk about why we should use Magento one step ...

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20+ Conversion Hacks for Ecommerce Websites


Ecommerce website was created to do business. If an ecommerce website that cannot make a sale, that’s a trash website. So, what can you do with your site and make it profitable? The answers will be in this article. Here is the top-list of most effective conversion hacks for every ...

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5 Essential Tips for Selling Product on Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce is very huge environment where have giant numbers of businesses are finding success. It also means that there are many competitors and difficulties that business needs to overcome, and not all online stores are going to succeed. Many factors can help your business succeed, but one of the most ...

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Five Digital Trends For Online Retailers In The Next Five Years


Owning a casual browse in-store and providing customers an average and unimpressive shopping experience are entirely out-of-date in our today digital era. When accessing such websites, it seems like you turn back to the first years of 21th century. We are in 2016, era of information technology explosion, retailers should ...

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